8 de Març dia internacional de la Dona

El Partit Liberal volem compartir plenament i adherir-nos de forma expressa al manifest de la Liberal Internacional en defensa dels drets de les dones arreu. La Comissió de Drets humans de la Liberal Internacional i la Liberal Intenational Network Women defensen de forma continuada els drets de les dones dins el comitè consultiu de Drets Humans de Nacions Unides de l’ECOSOC. La Liberal Internacional és l’única Internacional que forma part d’aquest comitè.
Els abusos, violacions i assassinats que es repeteixen amb tota normalitat i impunitat al Nord de L’Índia, a Mèxic, a Bolívia i entre les multituds de les places públiques a Egipte son una mostra de lo poc que s’esta avançant en aquest aspecte i no es pot permetre!! La Liberal Internacional i els seus partits membres entenem com un atemptat als Drets Humans el maltractament de les dones i hem de continuar lluitant conjuntament pels drets de totes les persones

.Statement on behalf of Liberal International Human Rights Committee and International Network of Liberal Women Commemorating International Women’s Day

London, 7 March 2013
On 8 March we celebrate International Women’s Day: a day when we acknowledge the role of women as pillars for the functioning of our communities. As we rejoice and honour brave and courageous women, we should constantly aim to achieve the advancement of their rights as women’s rights are first and foremost human rights.

This week the UN Commission on the Status of Women met to discuss preventing and eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls. UK liberal Minister Lynne Featherstone MP spoke of the importance of addressing the root causes of such violence, namely gender inequality and traditional “rules in society.” We echo the Minister’s message: cultural or religious factors may not prevail and permit customs such as female genital mutilation or honour killings.

As we reflect on the importance of this day it is important to remember that many countries still lack laws against domestic violence while maternal death remains as a challenge due to poor healthcare systems around the world. As liberals it is our duty to ensure that no female voice is ever forcibly silenced and that no woman or girl is ever denied the right to live and enjoy the life that she envisioned for herself.

But the battle cannot and must not end here: we have to empower women by giving them the right tools. Let us:
– Start by allowing for women to take their future into their own hands and securing their access to education
– Continue by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment where they are cherished, respected and loved
– Make sure that women are no longer victims but rather active agents of change.
– Work together in order to ensure that women’s rights are enshrined in national legislations and that all violence against women and girls is criminalized.

For fifty percent of the population on this planet this is certainly a battle worth fighting for. We can’t celebrate knowing that there are still many women around the world for whom this day is nothing more than a distant dream. We need to all move forward and ensure that courageous steps taken by girls like Malala are not forgotten or lost.

Font: INLW – Liberal Internacional